Blog | March 1, 2012

Video Blog: Motorola Partner Expo Recap

By The Business Solutions Network

I recently returned from the Motorola Solutions Partner Expo in Las Vegas. According to Motorola, there were 3,000 partners at the show, which spanned three days and included a variety of general sessions speakers, breakout education sessions, and a solutions showcase. Right from the start, it was clear this event was going to be different than those in the past as the conference kicked off in an exciting way, with a high-octane rock video made using clips submitted by Motorola partners.

Included in the morning’s presentation were some new products, including the Mototrbo SL series radio and the ET1 tablet with RhoElements. In the video below, you can see that Motorola really went above and beyond doing things a little differently at this event. It definitely made the announcements more exciting and memorable, in my opinion.

Based on the general session and individual meetings with the leadership team, in 2012 we’re going to see a Motorola dedicated to empowering partners to sell more “solutions” as opposed to simply a product sell.

That’s actually the first key to success Moto outlined to attendees:

  1. Evolve from product to solutions focused
  2. The second item is to penetrate expansion verticals such as manufacturing, transportation, logistics, healthcare, education, and utilities.
  3. The third item is to sell expansion products such as TEAM, the ET1 tablet, and its WLAN products.

The goal here is market specialization – where you, the partner, know more about a vertical and the solutions for that vertical, that your customers do.

One other thing that really jumped out at me at this event was an announcement regarding an application developers forum in April. If Moto is truly interested in helping build solutions, they’re on the right track in helping software developers since software makes solutions. Holding such an event is a big step and if I were an ISV, I’d be really excited to attend.