Magazine Article | November 11, 2016

Use EMV To Sell Higher Margin Solutions

By The Business Solutions Network

This VAR looks at EMV (Europay, MasterCard, and Visa) terminal upgrades as a way to endear customers and move into conversations around high-margin solutions.

Like every other credit card-accepting merchant in the United States, City Gear, a retailer of urban wear with 120 stores based in Memphis, TN, found itself facing the EMV liability shift of October 2015. However, unlike many retailers, City Gear’s leadership didn’t take a passive position on EMV, didn’t drag its feet, and didn’t wait to see if the shift would get pushed out to a later date. Rather, the retailer sought to do everything it could to address EMV by the shift date. Thus, its management reached out to VAR/integrator Retail Information Systems (RIS) for help.