Magazine Article | March 14, 2016

Turn Your Competitors' Debacle Into A Lucrative Business Continuity Sale

By The Business Solutions Network

A managed services provider’s network assessment and consultative sales approach lead to a $97,000 business continuity sale with $6,000 in monthly recurring revenue.

When it comes to the question of which technology you should lead with during sales discussions, the best answer is almost always “none.” Managed services provider (MSP) New England Network Solutions (NENS) operates by that principle, and a recent customer win with an 80-employee distribution company proves the point.

Last year during a routine prospecting call, a NENS salesperson spoke with an IT decision maker at a distribution company and stumbled upon a situation that unfortunately is more common than it should be. “For some reason the prospect’s incumbent VAR had used the distribution company to experiment with a variety of operating systems and virtualization platforms and completely ignored industry best practices,” says Michael Kourkoulakos, managing principal at NENS. “In addition to creating a highly complex and disparate business environment, it was time-consuming and expensive to manage, not to mention fraught with regular episodes of downtime.”