From The Editor | October 8, 2012

Top Tweets From BlueStar's VARTECH 2012

Jim Roddy

By Jim Roddy, Vantiv

Top Tweets

Promoted as a “mobile trade show,” BlueStar hosted its annual VARTECH Conference Oct. 5-8 on the Carnival Imagination cruise ship traveling from Miami to Nassau, The Bahamas. More than 1,400 people attended the event with over half of them being the distributor’s top resellers from the U.S. and Latin America. Among the technologies represented were data capture, point of sale, mobility, digital signage, video surveillance, and physical security technologies.

My original plan for this article was to share with you Tweets from those who attended the event. However, because the conference was held in international waters, smart phone internet service resulted in international rates that nobody was willing to pay. (My Verizon global data plan would have been $20.48/MB.) As a result, social media activity for the event was lower than normal. But there was free Wi-Fi on the ship, and I kept my laptop close to me to chronicle VARTECH via Twitter. To help you navigate through my Tweets, I’ve organized them in chronological order.

Friday, Oct. 5th
Excitement level sky high as folks register for #VARTECH ... in the shadow of the Carnival Imagination cruise ship.

Toby Jensen from @touchdynamic2 said when he returns from #VARTECH he'll move to a 2x bigger facility to accommodate larger orders. @bsminfo

You have to adore a trade show that has this line on its agenda: "6PM-3AM Free Time - Nassau, Bahamas." #VARTECH @bsminfo

Saturday, Oct. 6th
Remember when the Internet was new & VARs were scared of it? The winners of the Internet are here in this room. Mark Fraker #VARTECH

75% of VARs don't have a marketing program that generates leads. Mark Fraker #VARTECH @Think_BlueStar @bsminfo

All the vendors seem to be saying the same thing to us: #healthcare, healthcare, healthcare. Fraker #VARTECH @Think_BlueStar @bsminfo

You have to ask yourself, will you be relevant in 5 years? Steve Cuntz @Think_BlueStar #VARTECH @bsminfo

Announced at #VARTECH: @Think_BlueStar launches reseller app, plans for 30k-40k VARs to be connected w/in 1 year. @bsminfo

VARs will be able to order products via smart phone from @Think_BlueStar through this new app. @bsminfo

Announced at #VARTECH: @Think_BlueStar will be the first distributor at the Cleveland Medical Mart. @bsminfo

From #VARTECH: @MotoSolutions says #retail scanning solutions aren't just for Tier I. Giving examples of indy retailers taking advantage.

Overflow seating at the #VARTECH security workshop. The tech I've heard discussed the most so far is security/surveillance. @bsminfo

@Think_BlueStar is echoing the message of @bsminfo -- most retail IT resellers here at #VARTECH don't sell security, but they should.

Not-so-subtle message to #VARTECH resellers: POS & digital signage workshop is combined. "Your solutions should be, too." @bsminfo

And the POS/digital signage workshop is now talking security. Tie in POS to IP video, provide key intelligence to the retailer. #VARTECH

#VARTECH workshop: @PosiflexUSA says VARs need to turn their dealership into the safety brigade for their customers' business. @bsminfo

Teach the customer where their weaknesses are. Then show how your solution shores up those areas. @PosiflexUSA at #VARTECH @bsminfo

Just saw a VAR on the #VARTECH show floor with wet swim trunks looking at products. Tremendous! @Think_BlueStar @bsminfo

Sunday, Oct. 7th
Exclusive @bsminfo article: @Think_BlueStar Makes Trade Show On Cruise Ship A Reality #VARTECH

This guy stole the show of Day 1 at #VARTECH: Multitalented Rayburn Motivates VARTECHers video via @bsminfo

BlueStar To Launch Custom Catalog Service For VARs video via @bsminfo @Think_BlueStar #VARTECH

New video from @bsminfo: @Think_BlueStar Expects To Exceed $1 Billion In 2013 #VARTECH

Advice for VARs from #VARTECH: Be flexible to technology shifts, don't "choose a path." @bsminfo @Think_BlueStar

At the #VARTECH security workshop. The setting: the stern of Carnival Imagination, ocean in the background, the presenter sipping a beer. :)

Product demos can sometimes be bland, but the @IDS_GeoVision video surveillance demo right now at #VARTECH is way cool. @bsminfo

Another exclusive @bsminfo article from #VARTECH: 8 Pitfalls To Avoid When Reselling Security

Closing party for #VARTECH ... what a weekend! Nice job @Think_BlueStar for pulling off a show on a cruise ship. :)

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