Magazine Article | August 18, 2014

Top Opportunities In Health IT

By The Business Solutions Network

In preparation for our SmartVAR Healthcare Summits, I sat down with Health IT Outcomes (HITO) editor in chief Ken Congdon to discuss the most important trends in the industry. On a daily basis at HITO, Congdon interviews healthcare providers (that is, healthcare IT end users) and takes time to understand their challenges and learn what they are doing to address them.

Congdon, who began his career at Jameson Publishing as an editor for Business Solutions, also has insight into the challenges VARs, MSPs, and systems integrators face. Because of this background, he is uniquely capable of deciphering which opportunities exist in the healthcare market that are ideal for VARs and MSPs to pursue.

Break Into The Healthcare Market

Congdon has some pretty simple, yet pointed, advice to VARs and MSPs thinking of getting into healthcare: “Choose your target wisely.” He explains that it’s difficult to make headway in large health systems because they have large IT resources and tend to want to control everything themselves. Smaller regional hospitals and physicians practices, on the other hand, are in desperate need of IT expertise and support that VARs and MSPs can provide. They have fewer IT resources, less financial backing, and yet they still struggle with the same issues large hospitals do.

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