Magazine Article | May 1, 2017

8 Tips for Making An RMM Selection You Won't Regret Later

By The Business Solutions Network

Four industry experts share invaluable do’s and don’ts when selecting a remote monitoring and management tool for your managed services business.

Recently, I spoke with an MSP who was caught off guard when her RMM (remote monitoring and management) vendor sent notice that it was raising its licensing fees 10 percent within the next 30 days. The MSP was already monitoring several hundred end points with the vendor’s product, and her customers were paying a monthly flat fee, so she had to absorb the cost increase. That conversation got me thinking about how dependent MSPs can become to their vendors and a potential downside to the “stickiness” of managed services. With that in mind, I talked to four industry experts to get their advice regarding any additional pitfalls MSPs need to look out for when selecting an RMM vendor to minimize any unexpected surprises later on.