Magazine Article | December 12, 2014

Throw Your B2B Marketing Strategy Out The Window

By The Business Solutions Network

Despite having no formal marketing program and no sales force, this managed services provider is projecting 54 percent revenue growth this year.

If I had to summarize managed services provider CyberTek Engineering’s business motto, it would go like this: “Focus your time and money on how to better take care of customers, and the rest will work itself out.” Many VARs/MSPs (managed services providers) would claim similar mottos, but CyberTek’s business approach truly sets it apart.

CyberTek Engineering was established in 1996, a time when a popular channel business mindset was to push big hardware deals on clients with little thought of developing long-term business relationships, then move on to the next opportunity. Since its inception, CyberTek has rejected the “churn and burn” mind set and 18 years later continues to do so. CIO and Founder David Neel also despises the notion of B2B marketing. “It’s not about businesses selling to businesses; it’s about people selling to people,” he says. “Two other big no’s on CyberTek’s list include no marketing and no sales team. Since he first opened his doors for business, Neel estimates he’s spent less than $3,000 on marketing and advertisements, and that has mostly been on tchotchkes such as pens and mouse pads.