Blog | February 12, 2013

The Voices In Your Head Are Lying: IP Video *Is* For You

By The Business Solutions Network

During a recent security-related conference, one of the speakers said to the audience that if they couldn't "speak IT" they wouldn't last very long in today's sales conversations. So true, however, I'm not sure if many IT integrators really understand how strong their position is -- or could be.

You have a huge opportunity to win IP-based security deals over traditional security dealers. It's all about your IT knowledge and your ability to leverage that knowledge to integrate security solutions with other IT systems. Many traditional security dealers don't have that knowledge.

Frankly, it's where traditional security dealer's capabilities end that yours begin. It's you who has the expertise to take security solutions into the realm of true integrated solutions, and that's your advantage! Right now, assuming you don't sell IP-security, you don't even have to know how you would create a true integrated security solution. It doesn't matter. I just want you to believe that with security training, you can.

As you continually evaluate your business -- where it's been and where it's going -- make sure you don't undervalue your technical capabilities and miss out on IP security opportunities that could be right around the corner. If you'd like, I've spoken to reader after reader who's made the leap and can prove it.