Blog | September 14, 2012

The Surprising Truth About Your Customers' Big Data Plans

By The Business Solutions Network

If there's been one trend that's really come on strong over the past month, it's been big data. At last month's CompTIA Breakaway event, it was one of the four big trends talked about, and more recently at ScanSource's partner conference, which I attended this week, it was also one of the main topics talked about. As trade publications and the blogsphere continue to explode with big data coverage, be sure you don't make the mistake of confusing coverage repetition with immediate sales opportunities. Like a good sales lead, you'll need to nurture this opportunity for a while before you see any payoff. Here are some revealing facts I learned yesterday on this topic,which came from two online surveys CompTIA conducted in July of this year. Check out my three-minute video to learn about the surprising truth about your customers' big data plans.