Magazine Article | April 1, 2017

The Smart Way To Sell Cloud-Based Services

By The Business Solutions Network

An MSP replaces a biomedical device company’s on-premises legacy server with Microsoft Office 365 and finds multiple upsell opportunities along the way.

Just because a prospect says no initially doesn’t mean it can’t become a long-term customer in the future. A case in point is managed services provider INTELITECHS’ experience with a 60-employee biomedical device company that the MSP was referred to a couple of years ago. The decision was between INTELITECHS, a six-employee company, and a national competitor that had more than 200 employees. “Our prices were similar to our competitor’s pricing, but the client perceived it would get better service from a larger company, so they chose them, initially,” says Jacob Hiller, owner of INTELITECHS. “After a little over a year on their managed services program, the client contacted us again and was ready to talk.”