Magazine Article | October 16, 2014

The New Mobile Sales Mantra: It's Not One Or The Other — It's All Of The Above

By The Business Solutions Network

This integrator’s ability to respond to customers’ needs for mobile solutions that require a combination of consumer and rugged devices was the key to last year’s 30 percent revenue growth and a projected 50 percent revenue growth this year.

Since Integrated Solutions International (ISI) first started, 22 years ago, the company has never been a fan of delivering only one part of a mobile solution, such as just providing staging, installation, or solution design services. It’s always been all or nothing for ISI, where all includes consulting, hardware procurement, software development, staging, configuration, implementation, hosting, and depot repair services. And it’s that attitude that’s enabled this integrator to run a profitable, debt-free mobile workforce solutions company that’s survived multiple economic downturns and big competitors.

About a year ago, ISI VP of Sales Mike Sweeney refined his company’s sales process, which now includes 10 questions designed to help customers self-discover the best mobile solution for their business. Not only has the process led to several “aha moments” for ISI’s customers, it led to a major revelation and change in thinking for ISI as well.