Magazine Article | March 18, 2015

The IP Video System Integrator's Guide To Double-Digit Growth

By The Business Solutions Network

A physical security systems integrator’s close attention to detail throughout the sales and implementation process is key to ensuring successful installs and long-term customer satisfaction.

In the burgeoning video surveillance market, it’s not a major accomplishment if a physical security integrator is “having a good year.” After all, the rising tide lifts all ships, as the saying goes. What is impressive, however, is seeing how systems integrators like Digital Surveillance Solutions (DSS) are able to achieve year-over-year double-digit growth — despite the ups and downs of the economy and whether the video surveillance market is booming or not. I recently spoke with Michael Blumenson, president of DSS, who shared with me the mindset his employees have adopted, which he believes is a critical component to his company’s success. The DSS business philosophy can be boiled down to this: “If you’re thorough in the beginning of the sales process, you’re more likely to thrill your customer at the completion of the project.” So, how exactly does DSS do that? There are four things the integrator incorporates into the sales cycle that it says make all the difference.