Magazine Article | November 11, 2016

The Future Of The Retail POS Terminal

By The Business Solutions Network

With tablet-based POS solutions flooding the market, what does the future hold for POS terminals in retail?

What industry needs exist in retail that all-in-ones (and their peripherals) help solve?

Jeff Burroughs, VP, sales and marketing, Aures: Consumers and retailers alike want in-store technology — including POS — to complement their experience, not simply be an inconvenient necessity. Store staff should also be able to look to in-store technology to help them provide exceptional service.  The point-of-sale is quickly expanding to a point-of-information solution. Providing access to inventory, unique products, less-popular size runs, special offers, etc. is becoming a basic content expectation for application developers — and attractive, robust, and reliable in-store technology is the best way to deliver this content to the consumer.