Blog | September 21, 2012

The Easiest Way To Increase Your Recurring Payment Processing Revenue

By The Business Solutions Network

During the course of my daily job duties, I speak with VARs about technology trends and opportunities that exist in the marketplace. Additionally, the rest of the Business Solutions team makes lots of outbound calls, first, to make sure you want to receive the magazine, and second, to learn more about trends and what issues you like reading about.

With all this information flowing in, we've been able to identify trends that are pretty eye-opening. One thing we've picked up on recently is the amount of potential out there in recurring payment processing revenue.

I'm not suggesting that many of you aren't selling payment processing services. I'm questioning the volume and level of focus. Judging the VARs we've profiled, we've noticed that many are selling payment processing to just a small fraction of their customers, creating a huge revenue opportunity. Finding new customers can be difficult, so why not focus a little more on your existing customers? Check out the below video for my complete thoughts on the subject.