Magazine Article | April 13, 2016

The Digital Wallet Dilemma

By The Business Solutions Network

Why now is the right time to sell your customers on the importance of accepting digital wallets.

Digital wallets have been generating a lot of buzz in recent years for one main reason — the companies doing the buzzing. Indeed, when Apple introduced Apple Pay in 2014, it wasn’t via something as common as a press release; it was in front of millions of Apple fans during one of the company’s live product launch events. It wasn’t long before Samsung launched its own digital wallet technology, which it made very loud in the many (many) television ads the company pushes to consumers everywhere. Of course, there are other digital wallet providers and technologies in the market, but between Apple and Samsung, the two should get credit for creating the most mindshare among consumers. It’s that mindshare that’s translating to an opportunity for VARs and software developers today.