Blog | May 22, 2012

Take The Guesswork Out Of Payment Processing

By The Business Solutions Network

The other day I was searching our own web site,, looking for a particular article on payment processing. What I discovered was that in the past month or so, we've posted a number of really good articles on payments-related topics. If you're a POS (point of sale) VAR or software developer interested in staying on top of the latest payments trends, you'll want to take a look at the following articles:

PCI Compliance Confusion Persists - a panel of experts from UP Solution (the hardware arm of United Merchant Services), SecureNet Payment Systems, and Element Payment Services cover the ever-important topic of payment security. Included in the article is a discussion on the impact of mobile POS on security — obviously very  timely information with so much interest from merchants in iPad-like solutions.

5 Simple Steps To Make Your Processing Service Stellar — And Secure - VeriFone's Scott Henry gives VARs five tips to take their payment processing services to the next level.

The Durbin Amendment: Who's Pocketing The Savings — Your Customer Or The Processor? - To be honest, I've had some payment processing companies refuse to comment on the Durbin Amendment. Not Element Payment Services! President and CEO Sean Kramer cuts straight to the issue and shows software developers how this piece of legislation can affect them.

Payment Processing Market Continues To Change - in this article, Jamie Nonni of Nationwide Payment Solutions, talks security and PCI (payment card industry), and covers the controversial topic of the Durbin Amendment.