Blog | May 14, 2013

Square Stand: A Lion Of A Product, Or A Lamb?

By The Business Solutions Network

BSM-Square Stand

If Square wasn't making waves for you in the past, you might need to buckle up for the future. Today the POS and payments disrupter announced its new Square Stand, which is essentially a fancy mount for an iPad that includes a handsome mag-stripe reader and Square's free Register app.

According to the company's Web site, Square is currently taking pre-orders at $299 a pop. Units are expected to ship on July 8.

If you're interested in building out the Square Stand for more robust POS applications, here's what Square has to say:

Square Stand allows you to easily configure your point of sale by connecting a compatible cash drawer, receipt printer, and barcode scanner. We recommend the following hardware, which can be pre-ordered with your Square Stand:

  • USB APG Vasario 16x16x4 cash drawer: Organize and maintain your cash and checks.
  • USB Star Micronics TSP143UII ECO receipt printer: Provide your customers with a printed receipt or custom order ticket for each transaction.
  • USB Symbol LS2208 barcode scanner: Quickly ring up customers and create items by attaching this barcode scanner.
  • Square Stand is also compatible with a number of other USB and non-USB accessories. Review a complete list of compatible hardware.

Below is a video of the new product in action:

So, what would be considered an entry-level POS system that accepts credit cards for the cost of an iPad ($499), plus $299. About $800 without peripherals. Something for POS dealers like you to fear or can you sell against that?