Magazine Article | February 11, 2016

Special Report: Managed Services By The Numbers

By The Business Solutions Network

How does your business compare to the 112 managed services providers who participated in our latest survey?

In the Feb. 2015 issue of Business Solutions, we shared the results of a survey with our readers concerning the managed services business. The results were eye-opening for a number of reasons. Not only were we able to reveal the biggest benefits of managed services, but we also identified the biggest obstacle to winning more recurring revenue business (lack of marketing to customers) and found that business metrics — and acting on them — have a huge impact on overall company performance (top performers fully use a PSA tool, participate in peer groups, measure every possible KPI, and follow a business plan). Beyond that, we asked readers to share personal stories of success and failure. The results were so compelling that we wanted to follow up this year and see how things are trending, as well as ask a few new questions to uncover additional trends.