Article | September 25, 2019

Security As A Service – Where Do I Start?

Source: Stellar Cyber

A discussion with David Barton, CISO at Stellar Cyber


Every managed service provider seems to be focusing  on security these days. For an MSP adding security services, or an MSSP looking to target a new market segment, here are the common questions I frequently get when I meet with service providers.

Is it too late to launch security offerings?

No. In particular, SMBs and mid-market companies are having a hard time hiring and keeping qualified security professionals on staff. And over the last 10 years there has been a boom in companies investing in security tools, but they have only increased their alert volume and false positives. Customers are overwhelmed with alert fatigue and are spending time writing scripts rather than being strategic. Many mid-market and small-medium businesses are looking to leverage managed security services as a means to hire the expertise they can’t afford to scale on their own. You can address their pain with security solutions they now buy as a service.