Drive New Revenue and Profits with Security-as-a-Service.

Stellar Cyber’s Starlight is the only MSSP-tailored open detection and response (Open-XDR) platform that comes with built-in multi-tenancy, so you can manage security services for hundreds or thousands of customers with ease.

  • Provide comprehensive security throughout your customers’ infrastructure
  • Natively integrate network, endpoint and cloud security data to stop sophisticated attacks
  • Improve visibility, detect anomalies and respond automatically
  • Supercharge analyst productivity while slashing attack response times

Starlight solves the data deluge problem with patented Interflow™ which streamlines anomaly detection and investigation by creating context among events, and context is fundamental to any advanced threat-hunting strategy.

  • Collect better data for better analysis
  • Monitor endpoints, applications, cloud, virtual assets, containers
  • Automate detection and attack responses to kill threats in minutes

App Store thinking in your SOC

  • Empower your security analysts with an App Store offering 18 tightly-integrated applications on one customizable workbench to deliver faster and more accurate data
  • Choose what you need without additional cost
  • Open ecosystem leverages existing firewall and endpoint infrastructure

Supercharged analyst productivity

  • Automation improves responses over time
  • GUI follows the kill chain, making analysis easy
  • Intuitive interface trains in hours, not weeks

Contact sales: sales@stellarcyber.ai
Website: www.stellarcyber.ai