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RSPA Addresses Ethics, Professionalism In The Payments Industry

By The Business Solutions Network

Just a quick post today to share the below comment by the RSPA in response to the buzz surrounding business practices in the payment processing industry. I'm happy to stimulate the conversation with this blog and will continue to participate in any way I can to help move this issue forward.

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The Retail Solutions Providers Association released the following statement from President and CEO Joseph Finizio today in response to recent dialogue within the retail technology industry regarding the legitimacy of payment processing practices and standards:

RSPA is aware of the issues surrounding trustworthy payment processing practices and is working with other merchant-based associations to help the entire industry become and remain more aware of association best practices and which payment processing companies are in adherence.

In pursuit of its mission to provide education and industry advocacy for its members, the RSPA is expanding its education and certification efforts in hopes to raise the level of professionalism and help those who demonstrate best practices in the payment processing field distinguish themselves as such.

Currently, the RSPA Certification Program, launched in 2009 to identify companies in the retail technology industry who provide exceptional levels of competence and performance in a professional manner, includes a Code of Ethics which specifically addresses some of the issues currently arising in the payment processing space. Furthermore, the Certification program adheres to the National Restaurant Association’s ‘8 Essentials of POS Ownership.’ The RSPA and the NRA worked together to create these tools in an effort to help merchants purchasing retail technology with payment processing. The RSPA Certification Program is endorsed by the NRA, CSRA and the NGA.

RSPA is committed to making positive change in regard to payment processing practices and standards. However, RSPA views this issue as an ongoing process rather than a single event and notes that putting an end to substandard payment processing practices will take time. As such, in addition to continuing to educate, certify and advocate for companies using payment processing, RSPA remains focused on implementing a more reliable, long-term solution.

In the meantime, we encourage RSPA members to take advantage of the RSPA Legal Services member benefit. RSPA Legal Services provides comments and legal advice on proposed processing agreements being considered by member companies.

Member or not, RSPA encourages companies to utilize, a website that allows merchants to find certified professionals. The website also provides a ‘rate your reseller’ feedback loop for both resellers and prospective customers.

To submit a comment or question directly to the RSPA, write us at
Posted by Kristen Oleson