Magazine Article | February 14, 2014

RMM For Healthcare Product Comparison

By The Business Solutions Network

Healthcare Remote Monitoring And Management SoftwareLast year, Business Solutions published a review of remote monitoring and management (RMM) platforms available in the marketplace at the time. In the months since, the platforms included in the roundup saw a host of updates, which we recently updated online to keep you informed and well-advised on changes like mobile device management. At the same time, we’ve received feedback from healthcare-focused solutions providers who are seeking information in RMM tools and the healthcare vertical. Therefore, we reached out to the RMM vendors to find out how they address the specific needs of this ever-lucrative vertical.

The first area we wanted to investigate has to do with, surprise, HIPAA. Specifically, we asked each vendor to share how their platform addresses the security requirements of HIPAA and protecting health information and how each company helps its partners with regulatory compliance and education. What you’ll see is that each vendor has addressed HIPAA to one degree or another — good news for MSPs (managed services providers) looking for choices.

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