Magazine Article | March 19, 2014

Retail Advice You Can Take To The Bank

By The Business Solutions Network

Retail experts share their advice on the most significant trends facing retail IT VARs in 2014.

Due to the size and technological needs of retailers, this market stands as one of the most lucrative, exciting, and also frustrating verticals for those solutions providers working in this space. With so much happening driving innovation, opportunities abound.

“The shift to omni-channel commerce is one of the most important trends in 2014,” says David Gosman, CEO of pcAmerica. “Consumers are rapidly shifting in their shopping habits, with an increasing number of product purchases being either initiated or outright purchased online. Omni-channel commerce includes the ability to shop online, on mobile devices, in-store, and even through third parties. VARs are in a great place to advise on the shift to omni-channel commerce and provide the technology solutions enabling retailers to get there.”