Blog | June 26, 2013

Recent Consolidation Illustrates Value Of RMM Solutions

By The Business Solutions Network


Is there an end in sight to the recent wave of RMM consolidation? First, N-able announced its acquisition by SolarWinds. Then, AVG bought Level Platforms. Most recently, Kaseya was purchased.

What does this mean?

In the article “I Was Wrong About Managed Services Consolidation” by Channelnomics’ Larry Walsh, he says such consolidation was inevitable. “Remote monitoring and management tools belong to a greater portfolio of system management products,” he says. “RMM vendors have evolved beyond the early days of server and endpoint monitoring to incorporate mobile device management, storage and backup, and even security applications.”

Walsh continues by stating: “It’s time to look at the evolution of managed services. These companies and products are quite valuable in the context of broader product portfolios. And, incorporation into larger vendors could open much more opportunity for MSPs constantly looking for that next value-add opportunity. If anything, all this activity should be seen as a sign of progress.”

Walsh is right on with his analysis. This consolidation illustrates just how valuable RMM technology is and how such functionality really is best as part of a total managed solution. Managed Services Providers should take comfort in knowing that the industry is further maturing and on a continued path of improvement.