From The Editor | April 25, 2013

Quick Tip For Managed Services Noobs

By The Business Solutions Network

Top Federal IT Initiatives Include Security, Disaster Recovery, Digitizing Records

The following might seem basic, but to those readers who are new to or just getting started with their managed services practice, it could be valuable advice. In our upcoming May issue, we interviewed Dan Wilson, president and CEO of Waypoint Solutions Group, a managed services provider that has 70% of its customers on a flat-fee managed services plan and is projecting 29% revenue growth this year.

Wilson advises resellers interested in selling managed services to avoid using terms like “managed services” with clients. “We use language that addresses their business pain points, and we let them know that we’re going to be their IT department,” says Wilson. “When a company grows to 10+ employees, there’s a good chance that it’s experiencing computer problems on a weekly basis. If you’re able to communicate to them that you’re going to be proactively monitoring all their computers and servers, and you can even solve most problems before they’re even aware of them, then 9 out of 10 times they’re going to enthusiastically sign up for your managed services offering.”

Sound good? Wilson goes into way more detail surrounding his growth strategy in the article "Don't Settle For Managed Services Mediocrity," which is a great read for MSPs of all experience levels. Check it out.