Blog | November 9, 2012

Product Reviews Coming To Business Solutions Magazine In 2013

By The Business Solutions Network

The title of this blog post says it all.

We recently surveyed our readers, asking what they'd like to see added to the magazine. The overwhelming response was for the addition of product reviews. So, the January 2013 will feature our first set of reviews and each month we'll look at another set of products.

Numerous readers have explained how valuable such reviews and data would be to them and we're happy to fill the current void in channel media. Not only can this save you time and money, our reviews will span a broader product set than most VARs can access on their own. For instance, we're reaching out to 14(!) manufacturers for our all-in-one POS terminal test in Feb.

We'll obtain the test units. We'll have an independent third party (an impartial VAR or MSP) do the testing. And we'll deliver the results.

Check out the below video for more information and an appeal for your feedback and help. And, if you are excited about product reviews, please start spreading the word via social media!