Magazine Article | August 17, 2015

Product Comparison: Backup & Recovery Software, Part 2

By The Business Solutions Network

We compare 11 business continuity solutions. Which is right for you and your customers?

As stated in part one of our BDR (backup and disaster recovery) comparison featured in last month’s issue of Business Solutions, the BDR product reviews we’ve done since 2013 have been among the most-read pieces of content on our website. Indeed, many established and up-and-coming MSPs (managed services providers) have told us that these types of  articles are a valuable resource for evaluating new products and confirming products they already carry.

These articles are popular among the vendor community as well. So much so that we had to split the field and create two parts to this article. In part one, we compared products from Asigra, Carbonite, Continuum, Datto, Dell Software, Intronis, Unitrends, VaultLogix, Veeam, and Vembu. To read that article online, visit

In part two, we’ll be adding to the field products from Acronis, CloudBerry, eFolder, LogicNow, and NTT. If you’re wondering how we split the products, know that there was no logic behind parts one and two; the segmentation of products was simply the result of printing deadlines for the magazine. We asked each vendor to share specific product details, features, and capabilities so we could see how things have changed since past reviews and how the products compare with one another. As a reminder, the intent of our reviews and comparisons is not to pick the best product, favorite or an editor’s choice, but to arm you with the information you need to make informed decisions for yourself and your customers.

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