Magazine Article | July 20, 2015

Product Comparison: Backup & Recovery (BDR) Software

By The Business Solutions Network

We compare eleven business continuity solutions. Which is right for you and your customers?

The three BDR (backup and disaster recovery) product reviews we’ve done since 2013 have been among the most-read pieces of content on our website, and for good reason. Not only is BDR the central service of most MSPs (managed services providers), but also the reviews have been loaded with great insights from our tester, Eric Brown, CEO of managed services provider Remote Technology Management (RTM). Many established and would-be MSPs have told us that they find the product reviews to be valuable resources in evaluating new products or confirming their decision to use the products they do.

That said, it’s been more than a year since our last review. With products evolving rapidly and new features coming to market every day, we decided to gather together as much information as we could to create a current (as of the time of writing, anyway) comparison of BDR solutions. We reached out to more than 20 BDR vendors and asked for their participation. Due to limited space in the magazine, this article (part one) will focus on half of the vendors and we’ll tackle the rest of the field in our September issue. We asked each vendor to share specific product details, features, and capabilities so we could see how things have changed and how the products compare with one another. Like our other reviews, this one is not intended to pick a best product, favorite, or editor’s choice, but to arm you with the information you need to get — and stay — informed.

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