Newsletter | October 17, 2023

10.17.23 -- Prioritizing Total Cost Of Ownership In Retail Technology Purchases


Prioritizing Total Cost Of Ownership In Retail Technology Purchases

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the retail industry was transforming itself to adopt new technologies and accommodate evolving consumer preferences. Now, as retailers look beyond the pandemic, they need to invest in new technologies and services to stay competitive in the digital future. For point of sale (POS) solution providers, this opens profit-generating opportunities to sell technology solutions and deliver long-term services.

Advanced Cybersecurity For Managed Service Providers

Are you ready to take the next step with your cybersecurity? This white paper is meant to help any managed service provider seeking guidance on how to implement sound, best practice cybersecurity operations, technology, and behavior. Specifically, this paper addresses topics considered more advanced but still essential to a robust cybersecurity program. Paired with CompTIA’s Fundamental Cybersecurity for Managed Service Providers, this guide provides a more complete view of the aspects of cybersecurity MSPs serving small to medium businesses need to understand and implement.

ASCII Insight: IT Pros Share Their Thoughts On Expanding Their Client Base

In our ongoing quest to provide you with the best business advice possible, we’ve partnered with The ASCII Group and their members, who are going to share their thoughts on timely topics or best business practices. In this article, the following ASCII member answered our questions about servicing clients outside of their geographic area.