Case Study

POS Company Boosts Protection, Customer Retention With Endpoint Protection Solution

Source: Webroot

Atlantic Hospitality & Technologies, Inc. (AHT) supplies high- end point-of-sale (POS) products to the retail and hospitality industries throughout Atlantic Canada. AHT has more than 70 years of combined experience offering a full range of products and services to suit any customer’s needs, including fine dining POS, fast food POS, retail scanning systems, digital video recording (DVR) systems, server and guest paging systems, and more. AHT serves a wide customer base, from single standalone establishments to some of the largest companies in Canada.

The Challenge

AHT takes pride in offering its clients current and relevant solutions that help them run their businesses more effectively and cost-efficiently. In this vein, AHT realized it needed to upgrade and modernize the antivirus (AV) protection it provided to customers. A significant number of AHT’s clients were still running Windows XP, which made the AV product (ESET) they relied on increasingly ineffective at protecting them from malware.

According to AHT Director of Operations Pat Septon, the company was also dissatisfied with their AV solution’s management interface, which was difficult and time-consuming to navigate. AHT wanted to gain greater visibility into the threat activity their AV solution was encountering and preventing, so they could clearly demonstrate the added value they were providing to their clients.

What’s more, the endpoints being secured were primarily POS systems, and their users were mostly restaurant employees. That presented a two-fold challenge. First, the devices required a security solution that didn’t slow the machine’s performance. And second, the high employee turnover rate didn’t warrant an investment in security awareness training for end users.