Webroot, an OpenText company, harnesses the cloud and artificial intelligence to provide comprehensive cyber resilience solutions for businesses, individuals, and managed service providers.

Cyber resilience means being able to stay up and running, no matter what the internet throws at you or your clients. But as cybercriminals focus on stealing data and causing disruption, small and medium-sized businesses—who often have weaker defenses and not enough resources to resolve cyber issues—have become prime targets. With advanced threats like ransomware, polymorphic malware, and malicious scripts, traditional blocking solutions are no longer enough.

That’s why Webroot provides next-generation, cloud-based endpoint protection, network protection, and security awareness training solutions purpose built to help managed service providers strengthen their clients’ resilience against cyberattacks.

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  • Cybersecurity Safety While Working From Home

    As companies continue to encourage employees to work from home, cyberattacks are on the rise, which has presented a major challenge for MSPs and SMBs. Cybercriminals continue to capitalize on real-world crises, like COVID-19, and are launching new and more deceptive attacks. Thus, organizations must prepare for a major increase in threats, such as phishing schemes and exploitation of endpoint security gaps.

  • COVID-19 And Clicks: How Phishing Capitalized On A Global Crisis

    Cybercriminals are working overtime to exploit remote workforces. This webinar looks at the incidents we’ve seen so far in 2020, what our research says about phishing and what you can do to minimize the #1 threat to businesses – your own users.

  • COVID-19 And Cybersecurity: What Has Changed?

    COVID-19 is affecting cybersecurity. The pandemic has forced organisations and individuals to take unprecedented steps and embrace new practices such as remote working. We’ve seen increased spikes in phishing attacks, malspams and ransomware attacks as attackers are using COVID-19 scams to attack companies. Now business aren’t just the target as end-users who download COVID-19 related applications are also being fooled into downloading ransomware disguised as legitimate applications.

  • Go To Market In The New Cybersecurity Landscape

    Today’s evolving threat landscape, increased regulations, and influx of big data has made cybersecurity a top concern among SMBs. What’s more, the recent crisis around the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is forcing SMBs to rapidly adapt to new security requirements. Your customers need cyber resiliency now more than ever and will be looking to you for guidance during these difficult times.

  • Lockdown Lessons - Why Hackers Hack: The Profile

    From white hat to black hat, hackers range from ethical to extremely destructive. While white hat hackers test and assess systems, black hat hackers pose a huge threat to your business. Building hacker profiles to understand their motivation helps us identify who they target, their skill level, and the type of defenses you need to combat them.



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