Magazine Article | December 13, 2013

Placing All Bets On Workforce Management

Source: Accu-Time Systems, Inc.

By The Business Solutions Network

This ISV’s all-in approach to developing a complete, modular-based WFM (workforce management) and human capital management solution was key to its 20-percent+ revenue growth in 2013.

When you consider the myriad of successful VARs, MSPs, and ISVs that have been featured in Business Solutions magazine over the past several years, it’s clear that there’s no single vertical market and no single technology that’s required to realize double-digit revenue growth. What the top performers all share in common, however, is being able to assess where their target market is heading, responding appropriately, and presenting customers with a solution that meets their most-important business challenges. Easier said than done, but that’s exactly what ISV Empower Software Solutions accomplished less than two years ago when Jim Hoefflin took the helm as president and CEO of the company. Coincidence? You decide.