Magazine Article | April 15, 2015

3 Pillars Of Managed Services Success

By The Business Solutions Network

Homing in on developing its employees, business processes, and business tools is the secret to this MSP’s consistent double-digit revenue growth.

Whether you’re building a house or a business, the foundation plays a critical role in your long-term success. It was with that thought in mind that Internet & Telephone began in 2002 with the foundational mission of providing customers in the Boston area with a premier businessclass phone and Internet service. As telecom moved away from PSTN (public switched telephone network) to the corporate network, Internet & Telephone’s cofounders Paul Cissel and Pete Peterson recognized the need to expand their expertise. “We didn’t want to be like the railroad companies in the late 1800s that made the mistake of thinking they were in the train business instead of the transportation business,” says Pete Peterson, VP of sales at Internet & Telephone. “If they would have recognized the difference, they would have invested in ocean liners, automobiles, and other modes of transportation rather than putting all their focus on railroads and trains.”