Guest Column | March 11, 2016

Outlook On Video Surveillance In Education

By Jumbi Edulbehram, Regional President, Americas, Oncam

Video Surveillance In Education

A year of significant changes, 2015 saw the education sector come under threats of physical violence by way of active shooter incidents, violent protests, and general unrest. Today’s higher education institutions face some tough challenges as their campuses grow, student bodies flourish, and expanding facilities become harder to protect from the inherent risks of open environments.

Traditionally, universities have operated as open-learning environments, where students, faculty, and staff can enter and exit relatively freely, and prospective students can visit the grounds at no cost or without excessive security screening. However, securing a young, vulnerable segment of the population — one that is constantly increasing in size and complexity cv is becoming increasingly difficult when the challenges and emergencies these schools face are more unpredictable each year. 

The use of video footage to offer another perspective on investigations and security in other organizations — such as retail and law enforcement — is having a ripple effect on higher education institutions and prompting university trustees, executives, and security teams to re-evaluate the benefit of surveillance cameras on campus.

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