Jumbi Edulbehram

  • Security: Why It’s Needed Now More Than Ever

    Security is top of mind of most people in the channel today, driven by a climate of political unrest and constant change in technology, science, and worldwide relations. What constitutes security can vary based on the situation, the individual, or the enterprise, but what is continually relevant is the need to foster a realistic sense of security and a plan of action.

  • Is The Analog-To-IP Video Transition Complete?

    In short, the answer to this question is: no. In fact, the transition from analog to IP cameras isn’t over by a long shot. While the video surveillance market within the security industry as a whole has done an excellent job in marketing new IP solutions to replace old analog cameras, there is still a long way to go until the majority of end users have fully deployed IP cameras across all industry segments.

  • Outlook On Video Surveillance In Education

    A year of significant changes, 2015 saw the education sector come under threats of physical violence by way of active shooter incidents, violent protests, and general unrest. Today’s higher education institutions face some tough challenges as their campuses grow, student bodies flourish, and expanding facilities become harder to protect from the inherent risks of open environments.

  • The Top 5 Video Surveillance Trends For 2016

    As video surveillance becomes increasingly evolved, end user organizations are leveraging technology to address issues in numerous vertical markets where security is essential to success. The security industry is seeing trends in the increased used of omnidirectional cameras, video analytics, video resolution, and cloud-based surveillance, making the future of video surveillance virtually endless in possibilities.

  • How High Resolution Cameras, Big Data Analytics Are Impacting Video Storage Needs

    The IP surveillance camera market has come a long way in the last decade and is constantly changing and evolving, with manufacturers that push the envelope when it comes to producing bigger and better technology. Today’s camera manufacturers create cameras with an entire system on the edge, greater frame rates, better compression, more security, increasing capabilities (such as day/night or light sensitivity), and much, much more.

  • 6 New Trends In Video Surveillance

    The security industry is ever-changing, with innovators striving to come up with the next big thing in access control, video management, central stations and a number of other security must-haves. But nowhere is there more change and innovation than in the world of video surveillance. From advanced multi-directional cameras to intelligent systems and other emerging technology, today’s video surveillance industry is poised to take IP cameras to the next level.