Blog | November 13, 2012

NCR Slaps SMB-Focused VARs In The Face

By The Business Solutions Network

I shouldn't be surprised. I recently read that small business owners interested in NCR Silver could pick up the bundle at Staples for $499. According to the company's press release, "The bundle includes a receipt printer, credit card reader, cash drawer for NCR Silver, and the NCR swivel stand for an iPad. The cost also includes a free 30-day trial of NCR Silver."

I guess that answers the question I originally posed in my article How Big A Threat Is NCR To Retail VARs? In that article, Christian Nahas, VP of NCR's small and medium business team, said “NCR Silver is specifically designed for small businesses with up to five separate locations, so yes, NCR Silver’s sales force will be marketing towards these individuals, but NCR’s sales force will continue to focus on large businesses.”

I see now exactly what he meant. NCR's direct sales team can freely focus on large businesses because with this Staples deal, the SMB space was effectively wrapped up.

Where does this leave VARs who focus on the SMB space? How does NCR's reseller channel feel about this? Are OfficeMax, Costco, SAM's Club next? With this announcement, one question was answered, but now I've got many new ones. None of which are fun to think about.