Magazine Article | September 15, 2016

Mobile Bar Code Printing Opportunities You Can't Miss

By The Business Solutions Network

Experts identify the most promising targets for mobile printing sales today and point to trends that could affect the future.

With every article in Business Solutions, we strive to uncover the most significant trends. Oftentimes, we focus on new offerings and cutting-edge solutions. While the future certainly holds a lot of exciting new technologies, there are many technologies that have been around for decades but still are very important to their respective industries. Consider mobile printers and their importance within verticals such as retail, warehousing, and transportation, just to name a few. Despite their mission-critical nature, many take these workhorses for granted. At the same time, for as long as bar code printers have been around, some may wonder if there’s any room left for innovation. Has printing technology plateaued? Regardless of advancements, where is the low-hanging fruit for VARs and integrators? To learn answers to these questions and more, we sought the wisdom of a few industry experts.