News Feature | September 28, 2016

Managed Services And Networking News

By The Business Solutions Network

Managed Services And Networking News

Panasonic Releases UC Pro Communications Application

Panasonic System Communications Company of North America recently announced the release of UC Pro, a collaboration application allowing users to connect to anyone, anywhere, across a multitude of devices. The new software is designed to integrate with the Panasonic KX-NS series of IP-based unified communications (UC) platforms including the KX-NS700, KX-NS700G, and KX-NS1000.

Whether in the office or working remotely, employees can stay in touch, share ideas, and work collaboratively at any time. A single identification allows users to connect a mobile device to their PC, granting the same intelligent functionality to the smartphone or tablet as you would see on a desktop phone, including instant access to stored contacts and the ability to place phone calls through the application.

In addition to mobile integration, the solution allows for text, audio, or video chat; contains an integrated calendar with notifications; allows users to share locations at the touch of a button; and provides automatic journaling to record chat and call history.

SaaSMAX Launches Cybersecurity SaaS Marketplace

SaaSMAX recently introduced its Cybersecurity SaaS Marketplace white label platform, which features a growing catalog of cloud-based security software products for SMB and enterprise companies. Clinton Gatewood, VP of channel development for SaaSMAX, states that “if you are an IT consultancy, VAR, or MSP looking to provide cybersecurity protection to your clients and expand your security solutions practice, you can now establish your very own cybersecurity SaaS web store, powered by SaaSMAX.”

Each SaaSMAX-powered and white-labeled Cybersecurity SaaS Web store will be equipped with reseller-friendly security products selected from the SaaSMAX marketplace catalog. Each Web store will have one-stop quote-to-cash recurring billing functionality to facilitate transactions. Each Web store also permits the reseller to market and sell custom-bundled services and white-labeled offerings.

At the Ready! Phalanx Secure Solutions is one example of the cybersecurity solutions participating. It provides channel-focused white label cyber security products and services, including insider threat monitoring, breach and malware detection, vulnerability scanning, incident response, and 24/7/365 SOC monitoring.

CompTIA Provides Guidance On Cybersecurity, Managed Print

CompTIA recently announced the availability of two new industry standards for IT channel companies, part of its ongoing effort to promote the adoption and usage of best business practices. The CompTIA Channel Standard for Cybersecurity and the CompTIA Channel Standard for Managed Print Providers are available free of charge to CompTIA registered users, premier members, and non-members.

The cybersecurity standard is based on the Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity created by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The standard provides intelligent business practices for the five pillars of cybersecurity: identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover.

The CompTIA Channel Standard for Managed Print Providers details intelligent business practices for managed print services firms. The standard covers four critical business functions: business generation, delivery and operations, customer relations, and business direction.

Barracuda Brings Virtual Appliance Option Intronis MSP Edition

Barracuda Networks recently announced the launch of a virtual version of Barracuda Backup – Intronis MSP Edition. Available now in North America and Europe, the virtual appliance is sold as a subscription and leverages Barracuda’s technology to protect both physical and virtual environments. It provides a backup solution for MSPs that prefer to use their own storage or are looking to reduce their investments in dedicated hardware.

Similar to the physical version of Barracuda Backup – Intronis MSP Edition, which was introduced earlier this year, Barracuda’s virtual appliance option offers a feature set including integrated backup, compression, and deduplication capabilities, along with cloud-based centralized management. Because it is a virtual appliance, MSPs can avoid physical hardware management, such as rack space, maintenance, and eventual replacement, and reduce power and cooling costs.

The virtual version of the Barracuda appliance fits into any virtual environment supported by an MSP. It can be combined with Intronis’ other data protection solutions including the Intronis ECHOplatform, which enables IT service providers to securely protect businesses’ physical and virtual data through a rebrandable software-only solution, and Barracuda NextGen Firewall – Intronis MSP Edition, a turnkey solution that optimizes the security, performance, and availability of their customers’ networks.

AppSense Announces Endpoint Security Suite 2.0

Users of AppSense take note. The company recently announced Endpoint Security Suite 2.0. The first combined solution to result from the LANDESK acquisition of AppSense, the new product suite combines Shavlik Protect with AppSense Application Manager and AppSense Insight to meet five critical measures to mitigate malware and ransomware attacks, described by the SANS Institute as the “First Five.” Together, these solutions deliver the application control, privilege management, patch management, and reporting that organizations need for effective endpoint security.

According to the SANS Institute, the first five critical security controls for an effective cyber defense system include software whitelisting, secure standard configurations, application security patch installation within 48 hours, system security patch installation within 48 hours, and administration privilege restriction when users are browsing the web or handling email.

Endpoint Security Suite 2.0 delivers a unified solution that supports each of these five key controls to enable organizations to protect precious data assets against external threats from malware and ransomware as well as intentional and unintentional user actions.

QuoteWerks, GreatAmerica Add Bundling Capability To Quotes

Aspire Technologies, the developer of QuoteWerks, announced recently an improvement to its integration with GreatAmerica Financial Services — solutions providers can now quote a single monthly payment for services, software, and equipment. The latest release of the QuoteWerks platform will help solutions providers who are interested in offering an all-inclusive solution, such as hardware-as-a-rental or HaaR.

Previously, solutions providers would have monthly recurring charges and monthly equipment payments broken out on their proposals. This enhancement will allow solutions providers to generate a single monthly payment for both portions of their solution.

HTG, GreatAmerica Partner For UC Peer Groups

Heartland Technology Group (HTG) announced recently it is partnering with GreatAmerica Financial Services Corporation to offer peer groups to unified communications (UC) companies. These peer groups will offer business owners and executives in the UC industry an environment to share ideas and learn best practices for growing their businesses and developing leaders.

The HTG Unified Communications Peer Groups Powered by GreatAmerica Financial Services will meet four times a year and be facilitated by HTG in conjunction with the traditional quarterly peer group meetings. The meetings will feature content provided by HTG, GreatAmerica, and industry experts familiar with the unique challenges of the unified communications industry.

“We believe these peer groups will help move the UC community forward and help members of these groups succeed at a time of significant industry change and evolution,” says Wil Meggers, VP and GM of the Unified Communication and IT Group at GreatAmerica Financial. “There are very limited resources for those in the UC channel to collaborate with each other and learn from industry experts. The HTG structure is exactly what they need, and we are extremely happy to be a part of it.”