Magazine Article | May 15, 2014

Making The Case For Managed Services

By The Business Solutions Network

Despite the fact there are serious obstacles that need to be addressed, making the transition to managed services is well worth it in the end.

During an interview with Warren Hino, president and owner of managed services provider Numa Networks, I was reminded about the polarizing effect that selling managed services can have on an IT service provider’s (ITSP’s) business. Hino got his start selling IT services in 2004 when he and a business associate cofounded a break-fix business. After several years of 80-hour workweeks and unpredictable income, Hino wanted something more, which he found in 2010 when he started Numa Networks. The story that’s nearly as intriguing as Hino’s last four years of year-overyear growth (which you can read about on page 30 of this issue, or click he re if you’re reading this online), is why Hino and his former partner parted ways. The truth was that a large portion of his former company’s clientele didn’t want to change, and his business partner wasn’t willing to change, either. Change is hard. And making a change — which requires extra hours of research, training and certifications, and oftentimes hiring new salespeople and technicians — doesn’t guarantee one’s success. But, for those like Warren Hino who want a better experience and are willing to make the necessary short-term sacrifices, the rewards are well worth it.