Magazine Article | July 18, 2014

ISVs Struggle With EMV

By The Business Solutions Network

Like VARs, ISVs have the tough task of trying to make sense of the official information (or lack thereof) concerning EMV. However, while VARs can take the (not advisable) wait-and-see approach, ISVs need to ensure they aren’t caught with a solution that lacks EMV capabilities when the time arrives. Additionally, ISVs will have to spend some time and money working on their EMV integrations. If you’re an ISV trying to determine your next steps regarding EMV and payment security, check out the following advice from other ISVs.

First, you might be wondering where you should be with your EMV update. We asked our roundtable of ISVs representing the retail, restaurant, and grocery segments to tell us if they are fully ready for EMV, in progress, planning, or not started. All but one ISV told us they were at least in progress with their interface updates. If you’re still planning or haven’t started, you are most likely in the minority. If you take away one item from this article, it’s that you shouldn’t be waiting around doing nothing. The trick, of course, is to figure out what you can and should be doing.