Case Study

5iron Implements An Automated, Multi-Tenant Security System To Expand Services

Source: Stellar Cyber

Automates Security Responses to Boost Analyst Productivity

5iron is an advanced managed security service provider focused on serving financial institutions. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, the company serves banks and credit unions throughout the United States with a variety of services, including secure e-mail protection, intrusion detection (IDS), security information and event management (SIEM), firewall, as well as advanced endpoint, all managed around the clock from the 5iron security operations center (SOC).

“We provide managed security operations – SOC as a service,” says Jeremy Hopwood, CEO of 5iron. “Often the focus is on buying another box which adds layers of security, but the CISOs know that just means more to manage. 5iron managed solutions ease the client’s internal burden and increase their security posture by providing around the clock management, detection, verification and response.”


5iron’s managed SIEM services are built on best-in-class platforms to ensure its clients have the most actionable intelligence possible. The company had been primarily using a platform from one of the largest SIEM providers, but it wasn’t getting the service or support it needed. Because of the size of the major SIEM provider, 5iron often had to wait in a queue for answers to product questions or issues, no matter how large the problem. As a company that prides itself on rapid-response services to its own clients, 5iron grew frustrated with slow response times from the provider.