Blog | January 7, 2013

If You're An MSP, You Can Sell IP Video Surveillance Too

By The Business Solutions Network

Today I spoke with a managed services provider who was looking a few years ago to expand his line card. After examining all the opportunities out there, he settled on adding IP video surveillance solutions. Today, some three years later, IP video makes up 25% of the MSP's revenue and he's experiencing a 50% increase in profits (35% coming from IP video).

If you're an MSP with vertical expertise and a strong networking background, you can enjoy similar success!

The MSP shared some details that are worth mentioning here. For instance, when it comes to competition, he definitely feels it from the traditional security dealers in his area. However, he says that his sales people have an 80% close rate, which he believes has a lot to do with the MSP mentality of building long-term relationships -- Something  many traditional security dealers aren't as interested in. What's more, he's taken his proven managed services model and applied it to the IP security business, creating a services bundle the likes of which most traditional dealers can't come close to matching.

Again, you can experience similar success. This MSP matches the profile we've seen of other reader's who've followed a similar path. Not overly large (10 employees, actually), with strong networking expertise, and vertical focus. What does he have that you don't?

I'll leave you with a last bit of advice from the MSP. Find just a few solid vendors with which to partner (he has two camera vendors, one video management vendor, and one storage vendor) to learn as much as you can about the products you carry, and also to build strong relationships. And lest you think IP video is too difficult for you, check out this video of our "less than tech savvy" publisher doing an install in about 5 minutes. ♦[hr]Is your company looking to add IP video surveillance to its line card in 2013?  (click one)

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