Horse, Meet Water: Stubborn IT VARs Could Miss IP Video Opportunities

By The Business Solutions Network

Since I’ve been beating the “IP video surveillance should be on your line card” drum for the last year, I’m always happy to come across proof that we’re on the right track. A couple of weeks ago, IMS Research, the leading analyst firm when it comes to the security industry, issued a press release regarding its new report “Security Systems Integration – World – 2012,” which makes me feel very good about the things I've been writing.

In its release, IMS explains how significantly IT integrators (read: you) are influencing the security industry. Paul Bremner, market analyst at IMS Research comments, “As more IT integrators have been entering this market, they have been fundamentally changing the way security systems integrators do business. IT integrators have brought their business model of lower equipment costs but higher service costs, and this has translated well when dealing with IP-based technology, which often requires a lot of network planning in the design stage to offer the best available solution.”

The fact that IMS research is writing about IT integrators entering the market is proof that this is a very real trend and opportunity for you.

The release goes on to explain that many integrators are having success focusing on specific vertical markets, and applying their know-how to other customers in those verticals. That is, vertical specialization. You know, the thing you already do!?

So, let’s put some things together.

Fact: IT integrators are entering the IP security world.

Fact: The most successful are leveraging their vertical expertise.

If you're not on board, it’s time for you to leverage your vertical expertise and your existing customer relationships to create IP-based security solutions that solve your customer’s business challenges. And, get paid well in the process, of course.

The potential for big money is very real. IMS Research estimates that the world market for physical security equipment sold through integrators and installers is forecast to be worth over $38 billion in 2016.

Fact: If you aren’t among the ranks of integrators making the shift to IP-based security, you’re missing a great revenue-generating opportunity. Don't say I didn't warn you.