Hiring, Business, & Payment Advice For POS Solutions Providers At Retail IT VAR Of The Future

Abby Sorensen July 2017 Headshot

By Abby Sorensen, Chief Editor

Jim Roddy Vantiv Speaking

Jim Roddy, Reseller & ISV Business Advisor for Vantiv’s PaymentsEdge Advisory Services, sat down with Business Solutions Associate Editor Abby Sorensen for a Q&A breakout session at the Retail IT VAR Of The Future conference on April 4 in Orlando. For more information on the conference, visit www.RetailITVAROfTheFuture.com.

We only have 15 minutes, so let’s dive right in. The goal of this session is to help solutions providers figure out how to make money and improve their business as a Vantiv partner. Jim, last year you were at this event running the show as the president of BSM. Can you give a quick overview of your new role at Vantiv and how you help VARs and ISVs in the channel?

I’m a business advisor/management consultant for Vantiv partners – we call this offering PaymentsEdge Advisory Services. I work with high-initiative, growth-oriented resellers and ISVs in the POS channel. I don’t counsel them on payments – there are about 600 experts inside of Vantiv Integrated Payments to help with that. I work with partners on more foundational business issues. We work together to improve their customer service, improve their employees through professional development programs, and we discuss business best practices. This is all done through one-on-one management consulting with the owner or general manager of the partner and then expanded to the staff when appropriate. These services are unusual – no other payment processor has ever done for their channel partners – but they fit inside the framework that Vantiv provides unique services and support to benefit reseller and ISV businesses.

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