Magazine Article | March 17, 2014

Grow RMM Sales With MDM Services

By The Business Solutions Network

MDM (mobile device management) is a must-have service for many of your customers and a great way to increase your monthly recurring revenue — if you take the right approach.

Most MSPs are well aware of the fact that the BYOD (bring your own device) trend is real for their customers. It’s also obvious that there are opportunities to manage mobile devices. Yet many service providers haven’t figured out how to capitalize on this opportunity. I spoke with several industry experts about this matter and, among them, Alistair Forbes, general manager at GFI MAX, summed up the problem — and opportunity — best: “Mobile devices have overtaken conventional computing devices in the market. Yet very few MSPs have defined a service proposition around MDM — many are supporting mobile devices in an ad hoc fashion and often without managing to bill for these services as they have not structured this as part of their overall service offering.” Forbes and several other industry experts agree that the market for a well-defined MDM service offering, in which the benefits are articulated in a clear manner and allows MSPs to charge for the service, is a huge and almost untapped opportunity right now.