Magazine Article | March 18, 2015

Forget Tablet POS, ECRs Still Have Their Place

By The Business Solutions Network

There are still many instances where full-blown POS or the most advanced tablet POS solutions are overkill. Here’s one example.

Everyone loves ta lking about tablet POS, whether affectionately or with venom. Many of the providers of such solutions claim they are the future of POS. However, there is no one right solution for all customers. In fact, there are still plenty of cases where ECRs (electronic cash registers) are the best choice. Take, for instance, a recent installation done by POS Solutions NJ for DII Stores, a discount center with 13 locations in the NYC area.

Glen Gray, owner of the VAR, says POS Solutions NJ has been servicing DII Stores for about seven years. “They used Sharp cash registers, but Sharp stopped that line of business,” he says. “As DII Stores looked to open new locations, they would have to move away from Sharp. Additionally, in their existing locations some of the Sharp ECRs were showing their age.” New ECRs were needed. While having the conversation with the customer, Gray says it was the perfect time to talk about replacing their existing free-standing credit card terminals, incorporating the credit cards into the cash registers, and adding gift cards. Notice Gray didn’t try to push a full-blown POS system. “I really couldn’t justify a POS system because of the cost and they don’t do any scanning or inventory through the cash registers. Currently, it appears as if they will never desire to ever do so,” he says.