Blog | April 1, 2013

Why Every VAR, MSP Should Sell Mobile Device Management

By The Business Solutions Network

BSM-Mobile Device

by Mike Monocello, editor-in-chief, Business Solutions magazine

The other day I was reading a white paper we produced for an RMM (remote monitoring and management) provider on the topic of Mobile Device Management (MDM), and it struck me that this is a service you could be offering your customers.

Consider that the number of mobile devices continues to skyrocket and that fewer and fewer workers are confined by the walls of an office. In short, the security of company information being physically tied to a corporate office is disappearing. Today, company data roams with employees, creating threats many haven't considered.

MDM puts control back into the hands of the company that owns the information. Such solutions allow companies to remotely lock devices, wipe data, track via GPS, and enforce security policies to strengthen the security of devices.

Additionally, MDM makes it easy for your customers (or you) to provision and monitor devices. From an administrative perspective, MDM makes managing lots of devices a breeze.

Finally, there are tons of reporting capabilities gained with an MDM solution.

All great stuff your customers might need.

What's more, MDM has broad applications. If you've got customers with employees using mobile phones that have corporate email, MDM could be a fit. Laptops and tablets in the field? MDM. In the world of warehousing and logistics, handheld mobile computers are prevalant. So too could be MDM. Finally, in the worlds of retail and hospitality, as tablet-based POS gains ground, the need to monitor and manage those tablets increases.

As a solutions provider, you should always be looking to increase your value-add. Indeed, in some cases, your value-add is all you have to stand apart from your competition. Whether you or your customers realize it, MDM is something that will only increase in importance. Offer such solutions as a service and increase your stickiness and recurring revenue.