Magazine Article | December 13, 2013

Edge Out Competitors With A Complete Cloud-Based Mobile Solution

By The Business Solutions Network

A VAR wins a mobile registration and printing deal with a large paintball facility by providing a complete solution that generates a quick ROI and additional upsell opportunities.

CPX Sports is one of the largest paintball parks in the United States, hosting more than 70,000 paintball enthusiasts each year at its $6.5 million facility. Although the sports complex has 24 attractive playing fields spread out across 143 acres, the facility’s registration process was falling below standard for its customers.

Despite the massive scale of the paintball facility’s business, it operates with only 20 employees. Due to the team nature of paintball activities, CPX Sports often experienced bottlenecks while registering and outfitting paintball groups. “CPX first came to us through a referral from one of our other clients,” says Scot Robnett, director of interactive services at Imprint Enterprises. “When we first met with them, their registration system was primarily manual, and they leveraged the online registration systems of paintball organizations for large tournaments. Additionally, the legacy bar code printers CPX used to print player wristbands had been discontinued, and finding local support had become an expensive challenge.”