Magazine Article | July 13, 2016

Drive Profitability With Cloud BDR Sales

By The Business Solutions Network

A CSP (cloud service provider) replaces a nonprofit customer’s legacy BDR (backup and disaster recovery) solution with a cloud-based solution, reducing management costs and creating upsell opportunities.

Many IT solutions providers fear the transition from onpremises IT to the cloud and view it as a “race to the bottom.” However, cloud service provider (CSP) SNP Technologies’ experience is proving to be quite the opposite. It was approximately six years ago that Prakash Parikh, COO of SNP Technologies, realized that cloud computing was where the market was heading and made the decision to move away from selling on-premise solutions. Within the past year, SNP has become a pure-play CSP, meaning that it no longer sells on-premise solutions and services to new clients, and it’s actively working to move clients that purchased on-premise solutions in the past to the cloud.