Blog | March 19, 2012

Don't Pass On Selling IP Video Surveillance Without Reading This

By The Business Solutions Network

What can I say to convince you to add IP video surveillance to your line card? As a network-savvy integrator with a customer base, you've got many of the attributes necessary to sell and implement this technology (with some vendor support in the early stages, I'm sure). Over the past couple years, we've written many many articles telling you that. However, it occurred to me that maybe we haven't done a great job of building urgency around this opportunity.

The fact is, the move by IT integrators (read: you) into the security world is real and if you don't jump on this opportunity quickly, you're going to be late to the dance. While you're focusing on your core competencies, you competition will be rounding out their total solutions with these new technologies. But don't take my word for it. Here are a few quotes from readers in the past couple weeks.

We are still partnering with a security dealer on video surveillance installs but our plan is to cut out that dealer within the next couple months and keep the additional revenue for ourselves. We pick up about 200 restaurant customers a year so this will be a great add-on revenue opportunity.

Seventy-five percent of our 2,000 networking customers do not yet have video surveillance. We’re interested in getting educated quickly and having a vendor partner to help us before the opportunity passes and the sales potential isn’t as large.

While we were doing networking and VoIP installations, our customers would ask us whether we also offered video surveillance solutions. We got tired of saying no. We’re now in the process of selling this new solution set to our 700 existing customers.

We have 500 customers that we’ve sold point of sale equipment to. We just started selling them video surveillance because we saw this as a great growth opportunity for years to come.

We specialize in network solutions for the government vertical. Over the years, we amassed more than 10,000 customers and are always looking for ways to grow. We’re looking at video surveillance as a great money-maker and are evaluating vendors now.

Get the point? This is a legit trend. In the currrent issue of Business Solutions, there's a special section (An Integrator's Guide To Security 2012) dedicated to educating you on this opportunity. A great place for you to begin would be the article "Self-Assessment: Are You Ready To Sell IP Security?" I encourage you to first read that article to see just how well you match up with IP video surveillance as a revenue generator and then get your butt moving!